What Can Be Done

At the Estate Key, LLC we recognized that organizing your vital documents is challenging, time consuming and even tedious. In addition, you must consider your own mortality in the recognition that the work you are doing is for your families’ benefit, not yours. Most people put it off forever or abandon their efforts after only completing part of the task. Organizing your affairs and leaving behind a road map is one of the most essential tasks you can do to help your family.

Let the professionals at the Estate Key, LLC guide you through the process. We will help you get organized, input your data (based on your plan level), answer questions and share our experience with you. Let us identify the missing and misplaced information and pull it together in a centralized, organized and securely accessible digital vault. We will work alongside you, working at your chosen pace. Upon completion, you will gain peace of mind knowing that you have left a detailed digital roadmap of information that your spouse, children, family members and trusted advisors can access and follow to implement your wishes in the event of your death or incapacity. Your final gift to them will be a Life & Legacy well organized.

We organize it all for you.

Legal Documents: Wills, Power of Attorney, Trusts, Healthcare Proxies, etc.

Family/Personal Contacts: Spouse, Children, Siblings, etc.

Emergency Contacts:  Lawyer, Doctor, Family member, etc.

Electronics and Security: Mobile phone, computers, home security, etc.

Identification & Vital Documents: Marriage Certificate, Passport, Birth Certificate, Social Security Card, etc.

Insurance Documents: Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Home Insurance, etc.

Bank Accounts/Mortgages/Loans: Checking, Savings, CDs, Home Mortgage. etc.

Credit Card Accounts: Personal and Business Credit Card Accounts

Investment/Pension/Retirement/Benefit Accounts: Stocks, Bonds, 401(k), 529 plans, Military, etc.

Property Deeds/Titles: Real Estate, Vacation Homes, Rental Properties, Vehicles

Household Services/Utility Accounts: Home Maintenance Providers, Utility Accounts

Digital Accounts/Services: Email, Social Media, Travel, Digital Photography, Shopping, etc.

Clubs/Professional Affiliations: Clubs, Organizations, Alumni Groups, Hobbies, etc.

Employment History: Private Sector, Military, Civil, etc.

Military Service Records: Discharge Documents, Pension & Benefits, Awards, etc.

Letters to Friends and Family:  Messages, Thoughts About Life, Family and Friends

Legacy Arrangements: Burial wishes, Memorial Preferences, PrePaid Arrangements, Obituary, etc.